Friday, May 27, 2016

Caesium 1.6.1 Latest Version Full Version Free Download

Introduction: Caesium 1.6.1
Caesium 1.6.1 Latest Version Full Version Free Download can reduce the size of pictures up to 90%, preserving the original visual quality.Caesium allows you to save a lot of space on your hard drive and quickly upload your pictures on the web (on sites like Facebook, Google+ etc) saving a lot of time. Also webmasters and bloggers for instance need to make sure the s they post on their websites are optimized, to avoid prolonged loading times for their visitors. The software allows you to view instantly the compression results, helping you to decide how much optimization you need. Caesium can set different compression levels to ch , saving a lot of time, ensuring grt results!

We were confused in testing software where Caesium kept warning the was know output folder even if you specifically state the output folder to Caesium under Tool> eral. If you also select the check box for “use the default output directory when none is specified. That will override having to tell ch file where to output too.


– preserve the original file format without loosing any visual quality.
– no additional software required to open compressed files.
– process files in batch mode
– choose the compression level with a simple slider.
– choose the different compression levels of ch .
– support for custom suffix.
– side by side (comparison) preview, with original and compressed pictures.
– view details using the zoom function.
– you can custom visualization options.
– support for common file formats.
– support for date/time and metatag.
– multilanguage support.
- drag and drop fture available.

Download Links:
Caesium 1.6.1 (15 MB)[Mirror] [daoud]

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