Friday, May 27, 2016

Xtreme Calculations 18.4.1 Latest Version Free Download

Introduction: Xtreme Calculations 18.4.1
Xtreme Calculations 18.4.1 Latest Version Free Download is an advanced calculator software, which has almost all ftures related to math. It also has an interface similar to the desktop, making it sier to navigate.

Apart from math ftures like solving quadratic, cubic and biquadratic equations and many more math related ftures, XC also provides a Leisure “app” which includes a few games and e-mail.

Users who need to perform complied calculations are surely looking for a powerful tool that can accommodate their needs and requirements. Among the many utilities available in the dedied software egory you can find Xtreme Calculations.

This appliion consists of several modules that are bound together in the form of a virtual desktop, thus providing quick access to all the calculators included in the suite. There are some nifty gadgets you can use to check out the current time and date, thanks to the clock and calendar widgets which can be placed anywhere on the Xtreme Calculations desktop.

The calculators cover geometry, trigonometry as well as arithmetic, with several modes available. This mns you will be able to solve equations, calculate trigonometric functions, find the desired term in Fibonacci Series and many more.

In case you need to make some annotations, there is a dedied ‘Note’ fture that allows you to write down anything you need, so it acts pretty much like a rough draft. Insofar as the calendar use is concerned, you will find a nt function for comparing dates and revling the differences between them.

If for the geometry part Xtreme Calculations can handle co-ordinate geometry, specific theorems and formulae, the equations module is more elaborate as it can manage quadratic and linr equations in 2 or 3 variables, not to mention polynomial division operations. You will also be able to get linr graphs, plotted on the spot by the appliion.

Xtreme Calculations also comes with a nice set of extra ftures that are not related to the precise calculations it is able to perform, but more to the time off you may want to take from your work. Thus, you get a Matching Game, a utility for viewing s and an e-mail tool. Included in the set are two other calculators, one for the BMI (Body Mass Index) and another for BSA (Body Surface Ar)

All in all, it’s safe to say that Xtreme Calculations is quite a complete suite that is able to provide a lot of functions in an attractive package. Very sy to use and fully equipped, the software is definitely one that is worth a closer look.

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