Friday, May 27, 2016

How To Reset Pattern Lock Or Lock On Android without formatting..?

How To Reset Pattern Lock Or Lock On Android without formatting..??!

Download the app from the Link. Download Here

1. Copy Aroma File 2 ur memory card.

2. Open ur recovery (press volume Down + Pwr button or it can b diff in sum other manufacture google it.)

3. There'll b an option in recovery called "mount" . Go in dat option n den mount all cache , system.etc.

4. Then select "update" n select "apply update frm SD/external" n select aroma file file dat u downloaded.

5. After Flashing or updating, d aroma file manger will open. Use volume for up/down n power button 2 select like u use in recovery.

6. In aroma File manager , Goto menu , wich is lod in bottom strip n den select Settings.

7. Goto bottom n select "mount all partition in startup " den exit frm aroma file manger.

8. Now after exit , re-update dat aroma file again n it'l open again.

9. Goto data >> System.

Then find 'gesture.' (for pattern lock) n '.' (for lock) then long touch on gesture. or . n sum option ll b promptd , choose delete n delete dat file n restart.

Link : Download Here

Note : Use Exit option in Aroma File manager don't direct reboot in Recovery.

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