Friday, May 27, 2016

Hot board Pro 4.5.45 Full Version With Free Download

Introduction: Hot board Pro 4.5.45
Hot board Pro 4.5.45 Full Version With Free Download is a personal productivity tool for operating system. Whether you are working, or just having fun, Hot board helps you make computer tasks faster. Crte macros, assign them to hot and forget repetitive tasks!

Reduce the risk of injury from repetitive loading of muscle (RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury), caused by frequent trokes and mouse movements of hands from mouse to board and back;
trigger actions in a specified time;
print a list of board shortcuts;
combined action of the group and show it in a menu by pressing a hot (not to appoint an individual for every action combination);
assign hot programs, documents and Web pages directly from Explorer;
perform a sequence of different actions (run, push a few buttons, close the program);
use a board with extra .
Hot board Server allows all computers have the same set of hot and actions, as well as synchronize them between computers in the event of changes;
Hot board can run invisible to the user;
ability to quickly install without issues and dialogues.

By pressing the combination, you can:
insert text, avoiding a set of one and the same text again and again (phone s, favorite links, addresses, greetings, signatures);
run programs and open documents, avoiding wasting time srching for the necessary appliions in folders on your computer or the menu and not clutter your desktop with unnecessary labels;
control the sound volume of your computer from any appliion (you call someone? mute the music at the touch of a button!)
open your favorite web-pages at once without having to enter an address or select from the “Favorites”;
control the playback of a or WinAmp \ th, continuing to work in another program or playing full-screen games;
record a sequence of trokes and mouse actions and then play with the possibility of dupliion or acceleration (it should do the same thing 100 times? – lve it to Hot board);
perform various operations with (minimize, maximize, move, etc.);
to sily launch screen saver / screen saver \ a (just in case someone did);
connect to the Internet or, conversely, shut down – quicker and sier than climbing in the “Start” or “Desktop”;
restart the computer (and enter a state of “Stand by”, “Hybernate”, “Logoff”)
crte a “reminder” that works after a set time and day (for those who have not ed a single pan, placing a warmed dinner and sat at the computer for two minutes …).

Download Links:
Hot board Pro 4.5.45 (3 MB)[Mirror] [daoud]

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