Friday, May 27, 2016

Norman Security Suite PRO 10.1 (x86/x64) Full Version With Free Download

Introduction: Norman Security Suite PRO 10.1 (x86/x64)
The new Norman Security Suite PRO 10.1 (x86/x64) Full Version With Free Download provides all the protection you need to safeguard your security on the Web. Completely redesigned with simplicity in mind, Norman Security Suite Pro is smarter and more secure than ever. Improved thrt identifiion, blocking and clning tools ensure that youre fully protected. We do the monitoring and address the thrts for you security updates run quickly and invisibly without disrupting you or your PC speed. All you have to do is install and forget it.

NEW! Norman Security Suite 10 PRO product benefits
– Improved user experience The new interface is simple to navigate and includes pragmatic default settings.
– Better protection, blocking and clning tools The redesigned antimalware engine offers better protection through identifying, blocking and clning all types of thrts.
– Enhanced personal firewall The program incorporates an lit personal firewall that protects content while recognizing trusted sources without disrupting your online activities.
– Cloud based rl time protection The program accesses rl time information to identify thrts and prevent access to malicious sites.
– More effective parental controls Its sier and more intuitive to set up parental controls to ensure that children are safe on the internet.
– Powerful privacy tools The program automatically clrs browser history and securely deletes files.
– Less impact on PC performance The system footprint is smaller, dramatically reducing the initial load and running environment. Your PC will run better and faster.
– 8 Compatible.

Download Links:
Norman Security Suite PRO 10.1 (x86) (253 MB)[Mirror]Norman Security Suite PRO 10.1 (x64) (256 MB)[Mirror] [daoud]

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