Friday, May 27, 2016

Important Abbreviations for Computer Terms OR Abbreviations Related To Computer

Important Abbreviations for Computer TermsToday I am going to tell you some very important Abbreviations that are going to help you in future. it will also help you in your competitive exams .

HTTP:-Hyper Text Transfer Protocol HTTPS:-Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure IP:-Internet Protocol URL:-Uniform Resource Loor USB:-Universal Bus VIRUS:-Vital Information ResourceUnder Sezied 3G:-3rd eration GSM:-Global System for Mobile Communiion MA:- Division Multiple Access UMTS:-UniversalMobile Telecommuniion System SIM:-SubscriberIdentity Module AVI:-Audio Interlve RTS:-Rl time Strming SIS:-Symbian OS Installer File AMR:-Adaptive Multi-Rate c JAD:-Java Appliion Descriptor JAR:-Java Archive 3GPP:-3rd eration Partnership Project 3GP:-3rd eration Project :-MPEG Player 3 MP4:-MPEG -4 Files AAC:-Advanced Audio Coding GIF:-Grapjic InterchangbleFormat BMP:-Bitmap SWF:-Shock Wave Flash WMV:- media Audio WMA:-Window Media Audio PNG:-Portable Network Graphic DOC:-Document ( Corporation) PDF:-Portable Document Format M3G:-Mobile 3D Graphics M4A:-MPEG-4 Audio File NTH:- Themes THM:-Themes( ) MMF:-Synthetic Music Mobile Appliion File NRT:- Ringones XMF:-ExtensibleMusic Files WBMP:-Wireless Bitmap DVX:-DivX HTML:-Hyper Text Markup Language WML:-Wireless Markup Language :-Compact :-Digital Versatile CRT:- hode Ray Tube DAT:-Digital Audio Tape DOS:- Operating System GUI:-Graphical User Interface TCP:-Transsmission Control Protocol UPS:-Uninterruptible Power Supply HSDPA:- High Speed Downlink Packet Access EDGE:-Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution VHF:-Very High Frequency UHF:-Ultra High Frequency GPRS:-eral Packet Radio Services WAP:-Wireless Appliion Protocol ARPANET:-Advanced Resrch Project Acy Network :-International Bussiness Machines :-Hewlett Packard AM/FM:-Amplitute/Frequency Modulation LAN:- Local Ar Network WLAN:-Wireless Local Ar NetworkFeel free to Like, Comment & Share...

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