Friday, May 27, 2016

u SpeedUp PRO 3.3 Final Latest Version Free Download

Introduction: u SpeedUp PRO 3.3 Final
u SpeedUp PRO is a download-accelerator add-on appliion for u. It acts as an optimizer for your u client’s settings in eral and for its download speed in particular. Making use of the internal calculators in u it provides the most favorable settings. This little add-on aims at solving one of the most critical problems in file sharing – slow file srches over the P2P network by performing accurate srches for additional download sources and optimizing internet bandwidth usage. It sily integrates to u core platform.

Through the optimization of bandwidth utilization the program delivers a better download experience. The range of this u accelerator’s functionality includes resuming interrupted downloads, clring downloaded and incomplete files, prioritizing Internet connection, saving configurations from last run, auto loading on startup, minimizing into the system tray.

Additionally, the app puts out a both practical and nice-looking interface. You’ll be able to view in the main window the actual status of your downloads with plenty of useful information.

u SpeedUp Pro is fully-loaded with useful ftures:
Optimized use of bandwidth delivers a better download experience;
Finished and corrupt files are clred off automatically;
Automatically resuming interrupted downloads;
Clrs downloaded and incomplete files;
Automatically saves configurations from last run and loads on start-up;
Atractive and practical interface;
Detailed information regarding the downloading process.

Download Links:
u SpeedUp PRO 3.3 Final (8 MB)[Mirror] [daoud]

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