Friday, May 27, 2016

Best Alternative BuySellAds for Low traffic blogs

Best Buysellads Alternative For Low Traffic Blogs

It’s a Lovely Day You have applied for Next bright morningwhen you open your laptop login into your account and see that you have been rejected due to scarcity of traffic or not sufficient capability of passing the BuySellAds requirements, So What Now? Everything is ended? NO, nothing is erroneous. BuySellAds have better reputation then that of their alternatives but that said there are many alternatives for BSA. Two of the best are AdSella and BuySiteAds (similar to BSA) first let’s take a look at Adsella. Adsella is an advertising platform for publishers who have either less popular blog or have other content. for AdSella is very simple and is done with se. Once registered you can choose your loion for placingad banner’s medium size
rectangles or large size rectangles. Then a nice long description about your site will give a nice memorandum to advertisers. Then the description of the place where you have the space for ads. Once done then choose your price. Plse choose the price according to your monthly impressions. You can also select the amount of time you want to display your ads. For ex if you want to display ads for only 7 days you can set the period of advertisement to 7days or if you want to display ad for a month so you can set your period of advertisement for 30days. Then enter your paypal email ID so advertisers can pay you the desired money. If you have a blog with good niche and impressions per month you can even set rates above 100$. Overall Adsella is an excellent alternative for BSA and a good source to make some serious Money.

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