Friday, May 27, 2016

Download DBAN 2.2.6

Darik's Boot and Nuke (commonly known as DBAN) is a free, open source program, designed to securely erase a hard until data is permanently removed and no longer recoverable, which is achieved by overwriting the data with random s erated by Mersenne twister or ISAAC (a PRNG). The Gutmann method is included with DBAN.

DBAN can be booted from a floppy , , , or USB flash drive and it is based on Linux. It supports PATA (IDE), SCSI and SATA hard drives. DBAN can be configured to automatically wipe every hard that it sees on a system, exists for x86 and PowerPC systems.

The DBAN project is partially funded and supported by GEEP, an electronics and e-waste recycling company.

Type: Filesystems, Security
: GNU eral Public (GPL), GNU Library or Lesser eral Public (PL)
Written in: C
Operating system: OS Independent
Languages: English
Size(): 10.9 MB
Download: , MirrorSupport: Click Here
Bugs fix's in this version:N/a

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