Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Google Chrome 10.0.648.45 Beta

Google Chrome is an open source web browser from Google, based on WebKit layout engine and appliion framework. Beta version was relsed at 2nd September 2008 for 's , and stable relse later at 11 December 2008.

Homepage: Google Chrome
Type: Web Browser
: Google Chrome Terms of Service;WebKit: BSD/PL;V8: BSD

Written in: C++, Assembly, JavaScript
Operating system: (XP SP2 and later), Mac OS X (10.5 and later, only), Linux
Languages: 50
Size: 25.01 MB
Download Google Chrome 10.0.648.45 Beta: for Donate to software: -
Bugs fix's in this version:* Updated V8 -
* Update Flash - 10.2
* Many Crash fixes
* Background appliions UI clnup
* Additional settings UI clnup
* Fix for differential installers not applying clnly
* [r74051] Horizontal scroll should not move the options behind Settings. (Issue 71689)
* [r74060] No sound in extension with Chromium (Issue 57263)

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