Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Liferay Portal 6.0.5

Liferay Portal is a free and world's lding enterprise open source portal framework, written in Java powering corporate intranets and extranets.

Liferay Portal allows users to set up integrated Web publishing and content management, an enterprise service bus and service-oriented architecture, and compatibility with all major IT infrastructure.

Homepage: liferay
Type: Enterprise portal, content management framework, Content management system
: GNU Library or Lesser eral Public (PL)
Written in: JSP, Java, JavaScript
Operating system: Cross-platform
Languages: 13
Size(): 225 MB
Download: , MirrorSupport: Click Here
Bugs fix's in this version:Relse Notes - PUBLIC - Liferay Portal Community Edition - Version 6.0.5 GA

[LPS-3400] - The chat portlet is not working (functionally) properly
[LPS-4096] - Expiration of account lockouts and failure counts for failed login's isn't persisted
[LPS-4760] - Adding "alfresco" portlet causes exceptions in tom.
[LPS-5357] - XSS vulnerability in taglib
[LPS-5430] - The default CacheFilter url-pattern *.js causes problems with wiki pages ending with .js
[LPS-5497] - Current URL /c/document_library/get_file?uuid=1464d01b-d28c-41ee-a77a-87e7e4dbe6e2&groupId=10144 erates exception:
[LPS-5498] - Having an issues with the upgrade process from 5.1.1 to 5.2.3 Caused by: java.lang.PointerException ....addCommunityPermissions_1to5(
[LPS-5546] - The data added before you "Scope" can't be exported/imported in a Lar
[LPS-5556] - Add Portlet-Resource for the portlet workflow_admin
[LPS-5755] - Redirected to Welcome page when accessing blog entry from the blog aggregator
[LPS-6013] - Liferay 5.2.3 fails to start with 11.1
[LPS-6204] - 'Online Now' doesn't work
[LPS-6219] - Twitter portlet - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: $Proxy239
[LPS-6239] - action ADD_ is missing in the portlet Software alogue
[LPS-6245] - incorrect permission actions settings in the portlet Shopping
[LPS-6247] - Recurring Event - Date of Event does not Update
[LPS-6257] - The Portlets Content Sections Is Disappred using Weblogic/Glassfish
[LPS-6262] - Can't add calendar-event in Weblogic
[LPS-6263] - Can't add wiki page in Weblogic
[LPS-6264] - Can't add a egory/folder in Message Boards/Document Library/ Gallery/Bookmarks portlets using Weblogic
[LPS-6344] - Can not cover the data when "Publish to Remote" and "Publish to Live".
[LPS-6350] - JSP Error comes up when add a blog entry and add web content
[LPS-6351] - Can't upload a file in Document Library
[LPS-6353] - JSP Error comes up when you publishes change to live
[LPS-6519] - Can not see the content in blogs portlet
[LPS-7135] - Add Schedule Event Error
[LPS-7137] - Staging Publish Error
[LPS-7361] - At Manage Pages->Settings of Control Panel - java.sql.BatchUpdateException: failed batch
[LPS-7554] - contacts-portlet and wysiwyg stop working
[LPS-7571] - Selecting a community or org role for a specific user from control panel doens't paginate properly
[LPS-7754] - word srch issue - tags can not be sched properly
[LPS-7764] - error in google-gadget
[LPS-8087] - Weblogic 10.3 Deploy Exceptions
[LPS-8112] - Portal page type "Web content" does not obey Web Content management permissions.
[LPS-8280] - Can Not Export User Group to LDAP
[LPS-8287] - Some Porlets in Websphere 7.0 Can Not Work.
[LPS-8435] - com.liferay.portal.convert.ConvertPermissionAorithm - java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
[LPS-8467] - iframe src fails on reload page, js problem in init()
[LPS-8478] - Icon tag incorrectly remembers previous values when used from plugins
[LPS-8522] - Portlet Filter initialised with incorrect context following hot redeploy
[LPS-8572] - Guest can see file structure in filebrowser of the FCKEditor
[LPS-8656] - Added blog entries and Message boards egories don't display in another server when using wsrp
[LPS-8720] - Replying thrds with attached file can't be imported to communities sucessfully
[LPS-8742] - AdvancedPermissionChecker error - NoSuchResourceActionException: com.liferay.portlet.calendar#ADD_ENTRY
[LPS-8775] - $theme.language() causes PointerException
[LPS-8820] - Guest "delete" permission is disabled in Wiki portlet.
[LPS-9014] - Company logo got overridden when a page navigation is displayed with icon
[LPS-9119] - Activities Portlet: Refreshing the Page that has an 'Announcement Entry' displayed will cause the 'Content' to be hidden.
[LPS-9161] - Select the Community error in control panel
[LPS-9220] - ext plugin doesnt update xml files in websphere
[LPS-9233] - <liferay-portlet:resourceURL> should expose id attribute for resource id parameter
[LPS-9278] - Once Liferay is deployed to websphere 6.1, accessing the portal causes exceptions to occur
[LPS-9321] - A user with assigned role user can't access Control Panel and My Account
[LPS-9336] - EnterpriseAdmin / Control Panel - Settings panel throws jsp exception
[LPS-9419] - egories are not indexed in blogs/bookmars/calendar events and users
[LPS-9450] - Templates and structures escape urls wrongly
[LPS-9495] - Why sender and receiver emails be same in protected booln sendEmail(?
[LPS-9523] - Saving Configurations on some of the Plugins will cause the browser to redirect to a Blank Page.
[LPS-9555] - Unauthorized users may be able to retrieve username list and hashed
[LPS-9658] - OWASP-2007: A6 & A10 - Probable vulnerability: Possibility execute private jsp/jspf files from browser url bar.
[LPS-9725] - Error shows when adding producer
[LPS-9819] - webDAV can not copy the url in glassfish
[LPS-9836] - Active directory integration does not work
[LPS-9871] - When a DLFileEntry is deleted the lock table is not properly clned up
[LPS-9942] - OmniAdmin fails to work on virtual hosts
[LPS-9951] - Advanced Srch for Organizations does not work.
[LPS-10036] - Srch should check portlet resource view permissions
[LPS-10082] - A user w/ the 'Update' Web Content Permissions can Add / Edit / Delete comments for the Web Content that they Edit.
[LPS-10135] - Control panel - crting new page by "copy parent" and "hidden page" option
[LPS-10142] - Deploying the twitter portlet causes the server to throw exceptions
[LPS-10172] - Clicking the + or - in a row while editing a structure in the web GUI causes issues
[LPS-10181] - Edit Structure causes major issues
[LPS-10194] - Servicebuilder erates invalid
[LPS-10205] - Journal Articles / Web Content still show up in the Recent tab even after being deleted. Also clicking on a Deleted Entry in the Recent tab takes you to the Add Article Page.
[LPS-10221] - score of srch results does not work properly in plugins
[LPS-10292] - unable to build plugins
[LPS-10341] - Do not have entry after return to "Default" page.
[LPS-10346] - Message Boards to Mail throw exception
[LPS-10347] - Document Library Portlet Error
[LPS-10355] - 500 Internal Server Error while downloading the same file from 2 concurrent thrds
[LPS-10379] - Can not add document
[LPS-10380] - Can not go to Configuration in Message Boards portlet
[LPS-10382] - Can not export in Community.
[LPS-10384] - Can not Add "This page is empty. Edit it to add some text".
[LPS-10385] - Can not add web content
[LPS-10430] - scope "Guest" not available for asset publisher portlet added on a page template -> so impossible to configure it
[LPS-10438] - Selection Brk> Edit Options
[LPS-10446] - Potential security bug in Spring
[LPS-10462] - upload but can see the error.This is not right
[LPS-10471] - SharedSessionAttributeListener.attributeReplace() incorrectly updates shared session attributes cache
[LPS-10474] - Import an Export Articles in different Portal-Instance on the same Server fails
[LPS-10491] - Mail Portlet Can Not Compose Email
[LPS-10521] - java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
[LPS-10528] - Editing an existing 'Comment' does not crte a corresponding workflow task.
[LPS-10537] - Plugin WSRP Portlet Problem
[LPS-10539] - There is no difference between scoping to "default" and "current page" in Web Content Display portlet.
[LPS-10542] - Couldn't import shopping portlet data.
[LPS-10547] - Can Not Move The Available Permissions To Current
[LPS-10578] - URL Redirection to Untrusted Site
[LPS-10592] - Moved portlet disapprs when it is saved.
[LPS-10606] - Digest Authentiion Support for WebDAV
[LPS-10762] - When a hook plugin is undeployed, its moisteners remain registered
[LPS-10798] - Service builder erates documentation references to BasePersistence using model name
[LPS-10830] - Blogs workflow content to-be-reviewed should not show "assign to"
[LPS-10851] - Stackoverflow in AssetTagLocalServiceImpl.getTags()
[LPS-10854] - Context initialization failed - Error crting bn with name ''
[LPS-10865] - Portal Admin UI - Collapse First Tab doesn't work
[LPS-10893] - Server throws exceptions when sharding database
[LPS-10904] - HotDeployException when redeploying language hook
[LPS-10922] - Borderless portlets with no content have their controls overlap other portlets
[LPS-10956] - Can not Checkout in shopping portlet,
[LPS-10959] - Can Not Deploy Open Social Portlet Plugin
[LPS-10960] - There is not [←] button and throw exception.
[LPS-10962] - WSRP Plugin Portlet Exception
[LPS-10969] - shopping content missing when export/import
[LPS-10975] - Can't srch articles which added in scoped condition.
[LPS-10979] - When downloading a previous version of a document library file the name of the downloaded file is different
[LPS-10995] - Sample Sign In portlet in PluginSDK Trunk is not working
[LPS-10998] - There is problem when do Monitoring
[LPS-11014] - UI Problem: Can't move portlets after adding them
[LPS-11021] - Unable to Verify Email Response via Mail Plugin
[LPS-11029] - Selecting a different Workflow Definition Version will not be displayed correctly despite the fact that it takes effect.
[LPS-11048] - can not srch the newly added user in solr
[LPS-11060] - Entry is unable to srched in Scope enviroment
[LPS-11064] - There are not [Comments] and [Ratings] in Configuration
[LPS-11070] - Server throws exceptions when testing Globle scope content.
[LPS-11079] - Adding egory fails if portal default locale is not english
[LPS-11088] - exclusive and popup states do not work in wsrp
[LPS-11096] - Staging state could not be recovered when remote live setting was incorrect
[LPS-11097] - Journal Structure Editor shows success message colors for error messages
[LPS-11098] - Help info is missing in egories under Control Panel
[LPS-11113] - The configuration mode of digg-portlet is not working
[LPS-11120] - Change to structure field type not applicable to existing content
[LPS-11130] - Remove IE6 support for Chat portlet
[LPS-11136] - unexpected results for 2nd preview for an alert
[LPS-11138] - Announcements summary
[LPS-11147] - Wiki data is still published when wiki option is not chosen
[LPS-11148] - Bookmarks portlet data is still published when bookmarks option is not chosen
[LPS-11149] - Activating and Dctivating staging produces strange behavior
[LPS-11153] - NTLM login not work in IE
[LPS-11174] - WSRP does not en UTF8 characters
[LPS-11187] - WSRP producer portlet shows error when clicked on action
[LPS-11193] - The user "Rich Publisher" crted by 7cogs cannot approve web content
[LPS-11202] - When you specify the time/date range in Publish to Remote you will get an error message if a web content has been modified within that range, but the structure and/or template of that web content has not been modified.
[LPS-11211] - cloneNode can sily throw memory s in IE
[LPS-11225] - Tags and egories are not saved when crting a new file Entry in Document Library
[LPS-11229] - Users from controlPanel display users of others istances with SOLR
[LPS-11230] - Staging Blogs has unusual behavior
[LPS-11232] - Blogs Comments and Ratings don't get published
[LPS-11235] - When you export a community or pages and you choose last of days/hours as the date range, export ignores that selection.
[LPS-11236] - For dropdown box "last" on export page, the option "7 days" is only doing "7 hours"
[LPS-11237] - Wiki Display Link doesn't display hyperlink reference text
[LPS-11243] - Items on page type panel does not work
[LPS-11244] - Discard draft button deletes draft and entry
[LPS-11271] - After changing anything in FileUploads settings, it is not possible to submit any in Shopping portlet
[LPS-11276] - Summary Portlet does not let you 'Join' an Organization, and it does not let you 'Join' or 'Lve' a User Group.
[LPS-11285] - Permission Inheritance not working in WIKI portlet
[LPS-11288] - Organization Staging Exception
[LPS-11290] - Message Board View Messages Exception
[LPS-11291] - java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00911 at v6.0.3.UpgradePermission
[LPS-11294] - Seven Cogs brks Kaleo dependency by clring the Kaleo crted roles on startup
[LPS-11303] - Seven Cogs deletes the administrator account
[LPS-11336] - Shopping Portlet - UI collapsable boxes dont collapse
[LPS-11337] - Viewing Expired articles in workflow causes exceptions
[LPS-11365] - Upgrade Liferay 5.2.3 -> 6.0.3 fails for UpgradePermission
[LPS-11368] - Type parameter XSS problem (POST)
[LPS-11379] - Users can submit blank egories
[LPS-11380] - Global Vocabulary/egories fail to display on content
[LPS-11381] - Paginated Web Content article fails when attempting view additional pages when displayed in Asset Publisher
[LPS-11382] - LDAP import does not pagination, causes memory errors
[LPS-11383] - Axis servlet does not return parsble xml when returning the services list
[LPS-11398] - error on importing/exporting layouts with same groupid, privateLayout and friendlyURL and different layoutid
[LPS-11405] - Unable to enable workflow configurations for Web Content
[LPS-11408] - Unable to select a global scope structure or template when crting web content in a community/organization
[LPS-11409] - gallery doesn't retain viewing permissions for guests
[LPS-11416] - Can not view a Web Content History page.
[LPS-11423] - AUI not defined if
[LPS-11435] - Some bugs are missed in CKEditor toolbar
[LPS-11458] - Using DB2 - crting a blog entry causes Liferay to throw exceptions related to social equity
[LPS-11462] - Currency Converter Portlet is
[LPS-11464] - Adding certain Opensocial gadgets causes Geronimo to throw exceptions and the Opensocial gadget to stop working
[LPS-11466] - gallery tags/egories navigation doesn't filter private s properly
[LPS-11468] - Solr Srch throws Exception
[LPS-11469] - ICEFaces 1.8.x does not work properly with Liferay 6.0.3
[LPS-11475] - Vocabularies name changes in the UI even when it has not been changed in the backend
[LPS-11477] - Partial publishing can brk references to articles if the article itself is not imported
[LPS-11478] - Destination doesn't set worker pool size
[LPS-11480] - Showing the articleId may be confusing to users (as it can be autoerated)
[LPS-11482] - WSRP Portlet Does Not Exist
[LPS-11486] - WSRP Portlets are not being consumed
[LPS-11487] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11489] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11491] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11495] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11496] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11506] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11507] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11508] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11510] - Document Library display doesn't respond to tags and egories
[LPS-11513] - Google gadget portlet uses all the screen
[LPS-11514] - FreeMarker taglib support not working in Themes
[LPS-11519] - Publishing/Approving not working in default installation
[LPS-11520] - Message Board view message Urls erated wrong
[LPS-11528] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11530] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11531] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11532] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11534] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11535] - UserPreferences do not render as a drop down list for UserPreference datatype enum
[LPS-11536] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11537] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11538] - XSS vulnerability
[LPS-11540] - BB editor in Message Boards appends links, s and lists to end of textar in Webkit
[LPS-11552] - Tags and egory Navigation and Admins portlets should not be scopble
[LPS-11556] - SQL Error in asset publisher when filtering for "any" egories
[LPS-11557] - Asset publisher fails to group assets by egory
[LPS-11558] - The value of LDAP Credentials becomes "" If I save it without any configuration.
[LPS-11559] - Asset publisher doesn't filter properly asset types when grouping by asset type
[LPS-11560] - Asset publisher displays comments by default
[LPS-11563] - Properties asset.renderer.enabled are ignored
[LPS-11565] - Staging does not stay set. Once set and navigate away it becomes unset, if you try to set it again causes an error
[LPS-11566] - Nested portlets disapprs on adding a portlet from the Add Appliion Box
[LPS-11567] - Upgrade fails due to bad name of field in AssetTagProperty
[LPS-11568] - Can't put anything to the Nested Portlets
[LPS-11571] - ETag is not RFC2616 compliant
[LPS-11572] - Asset Tags Navigation and Page Scoped portlets don't behave as expected when navigating tags
[LPS-11573] - Usability issues with the configuration of asset tags navigation
[LPS-11579] - Long lines in discussions do not wrap
[LPS-11605] - Sensitive file and web.xml disclosure
[LPS-11607] - Setting some properites to true could disable some functions.
[LPS-11622] - Removing of asset (for example blog entry) is not updated AssetTag statistics, as result tag cloud display incorrect info
[LPS-11623] - Small window when crting a template using Rich Text Editor
[LPS-11625] - multiple tags is not submitted on form submit
[LPS-11627] - Adding hyperlink to selected text results in the selected text behind the hyperlink
[LPS-11628] - Srch for assets by tags or egories are not filtered by permissions
[LPS-11631] - Subquery returns more than 1 row
[LPS-11682] - Single icons that are part of a menu throw JS error because their JS is included twice
[LPS-11695] - Calendar Events do not Import correctly
[LPS-11696] - Testing LDAP Connections do not work after saving settings and editing them
[LPS-11701] - Cln up referer_*.jsp and forward_*.jsp
[LPS-11702] - "Preview" dosen't work and s couldn't show up in web content display portlet.
[LPS-11704] - Titles show xml instd of title in layout templates and site templates
[LPS-11706] - User activities shouldn't appr if there are no user activities in summary portlet
[LPS-11709] - JSP pages in standalone webapp does not work in some cases within the same app server as Liferay
[LPS-11710] - PermissionLocalServiceImpl.unsetRolePermissions(long, long, String, int, String) performance problem
[LPS-11713] - egories navigation portlet does not display global egories
[LPS-11725] - WebContent module should be mapped on modules.js
[LPS-11726] - Loader groups should be mapped before Alloy initialization
[LPS-11728] - HtmlUtil.wordBrk does not recognize spaces when determining the length of the current word
[LPS-11730] - count in the gallery includes s that the user doesn't have permissions to view
[LPS-11733] - Srch for an in the root folder when there are subfolders will return no result
[LPS-11736] - Mail Portlet Can Not Work
[LPS-11745] - Don't use the prioritary language if usedefault = false
[LPS-11747] - Removing the cancel button from the configuration popup
[LPS-11748] - Executing a new webservice
[LPS-11755] - Usability issues with the portlet without borders
[LPS-11757] - Glassfish start up error because of conflict with commons-c.jar
[LPS-11758] - WSRP fails to display Liferay portlets
[LPS-11764] - ext-global jars and excludes are not ed for packed war plugins
[LPS-11765] - Duplie entry (Expando)
[LPS-11766] - Duplie entry (Assets)
[LPS-11769] - Unable to 'Publish' / 'Preview' / 'Save as Draft' a web content related to a global scope structure or template in a community/organization
[LPS-11770] - Geronimo does not start up if the bundle is placed in a folder that has spaces.
[LPS-11771] - Glassfish 3 Xerces compatibility error
[LPS-11778] - open document conversion fails when the web content contains an link
[LPS-11786] - Hard-d guest groupId in the summary portlet
[LPS-11793] - Enabling workflow enables all across the workflow configuration
[LPS-11795] - Document Size and locked columns are switched
[LPS-11796] - Paginations are in My Account portlet
[LPS-11797] - JspFactorySwapper causes issues in WebSphere
[LPS-11799] - Unable to review My Workflow Tasks
[LPS-11803] - Wiki portlet displays a raw <em> tag in title
[LPS-11805] - MinifierFilter throws NPE on missing files
[LPS-11806] - Can not select global structures in the Web Content List Portlet
[LPS-11807] - Can not display content with a global template in web content display portlet
[LPS-11810] - During portal upgrade process from 6.0.2 to 6.0.4 the database tom - could not load an entity: [com.liferay.counter.model.impl.CounterImpl#com.liferay.counter.model.Counter]
[LPS-11811] - NPE when trying to assign organization roles to user
[LPS-11812] - Article titles too short, long ones crash the Web Content admin portlet
[LPS-11813] - Layout export is not working correctly when there's a Link to page type layout and there's no Layout chosen
[LPS-11823] - Adding WSRP iframe portlet to a page results in an error
[LPS-11825] - after changing context root document library is failing to display any folder or file
[LPS-11833] - Jetty fails to start when your JAVA_HOME is set to a path containing spaces.
[LPS-11834] - Blogs portlet comments email notifiions don't work
[LPS-11837] - Asset Publisher can't filter by multiple egories
[LPS-11840] - Server Admin - Log Levels srch is not working
[LPS-11845] - Order in which multiple feeds are displayed cannot be set by administrator.
[LPS-11846] - Cannot activate staging on communities
[LPS-11847] - MB Portlet file attachments with non-ascii characters in the file name brks staging
[LPS-11848] - Sharing portlets does not work when using virtual hosts
[LPS-11851] - Facbook sharing in message boards gives incorrect callback URL
[LPS-11852] - Exporting/Importing communities loses the attachments in message board thrds
[LPS-11856] - Configurations do not export import
[LPS-11858] - Facebook links do not work
[LPS-11859] - egories Navigation with Wiki
[LPS-11860] - MethodCache should not delegate caching to Method
[LPS-11863] - Srch portlet only srches portlets on the current page
[LPS-11870] - XSS issue in srch container
[LPS-11873] - XSS issues in tags
[LPS-11875] - Source Formatter throws PointerException
[LPS-11876] - Organzation listings in Control panel of administrator
[LPS-11878] - Upgrade to Hibernate 3.5.3
[LPS-11879] - Upgrade to Spring 3.0.3
[LPS-11880] - When running Liferay in non ROOT context the CKEditor file browser yields a 404 page
[LPS-11881] - Staging is in Geronimo
[LPS-11883] - Lucene srch indexing fails on clusters
[LPS-11884] - s fail display across remote nodes
[LPS-11885] - Web Form data could not be saved to the database
[LPS-11886] - Web form captcha disapprs after submitting data to the database
[LPS-11887] - Cannot add Web form configuration field has been saved once
[LPS-11889] - <em> tags displayed in Wiki Portlet when using egories navigation
[LPS-11896] - Abstracts not showing in RSS
[LPS-11900] - Root bookmarks are not srched when at lst one folder exist
[LPS-11905] - Out of Root Context, erates exceptions
[LPS-11909] - Vaadin Mail Portlet not compatible with Database Sharding
[LPS-11911] - Add appliion srch input does not get focus in IE
[LPS-11912] - Can't update a document property when it is pending
[LPS-11920] - Ext plugin not deploying all jars properly
[LPS-11922] - Showing error message after clicking "Discard Draft" to delete the Frontpage
[LPS-11923] - Blank screen when showing organizations to be assigned to comunities
[LPS-11929] - Out of root context produces exceptions when viewing blog posts
[LPS-11931] - IE7, IE8 Functionalities administrative works in cp slows until unusable
[LPS-11934] - WSRP Portlets not compatible with Database Sharding
[LPS-11935] - Export/Import LAR in Shopping Porlet is
[LPS-11940] - Srch results in Srch portlet give incorrect values for description
[LPS-11942] - Cannot Assign User Groups to Organizations, doesn't function correctly
[LPS-11944] - Sharding and Themes is
[LPS-11948] - Open Social Plugin has problems loing tables with database sharding
[LPS-11950] - Organization names displayed as ""
[LPS-11952] - Fix for submenus is IE6 and 7
[LPS-11956] - Prevent double escape of hders
[LPS-11957] - Spring thrd pool
[LPS-11958] - In the Friends' Activities portlet, friends' wall posts aren't listed
[LPS-11960] - Google Maps plugin with virtual hosts doesn't allow for use with different
[LPS-11974] - MVCPortlet callActionMethod can not be execute correctly
[LPS-11977] - Staging is not preserving the layoutId and it's causing various problems
[LPS-11979] - XXS vulnerability in asset publisher
[LPS-11984] - Brdcrumbs are in IE6
[LPS-11985] - Document Library documents cannot be retrieved after upgrade
[LPS-11990] - Remove rlly old methods in DocUtil which force plugins to include dom4j.jar
[LPS-11991] - Recaptcha does not increment count when is erroneous
[LPS-11992] - Users should not be able to modify comments for the resources they own
[LPS-11994] - Unable to verify Monitoring service against User Cache service
[LPS-12022] - ServerDetector returns true for isTom even in Glassfish and other app servers
[LPS-12026] - Kill session on monitoring fails to kill session
[LPS-12027] - CSS Optimized and CSS3 syntax fix (webkit)
[LPS-12035] - When using PortalOpenSrch: Web Content is returned as a srch result even though it has not rched Display Date yet
[LPS-12048] - doesn't count column length properly for utf8
[LPS-12050] - PortletClassLoaderUtil should relse reference to PortletClassLoader after PortalClassLoaderServletContextListener context destory
[LPS-12058] - Error message shows up in log for a srch with Srch portlet is when using OpenSrch
[LPS-12454] - reerate - compiling error
[LPS-13031] - Cross-Site Scripting (CXX) Vulnerability
[LPS-14179] - document library tags problem
[LPS-14771] - [XSS] Vulnerability in url parameter p_p_id and portlet:namespace taglib

[LPS-738] - Web Form Localization - Portlet fields (title, description, field names, paragraph value)
[LPS-1408] - WCM Publishing - Option to list only the latest approved version
[LPS-3202] - Add a performance unit test for com.liferay.portal.kernel.messaging.ArrayDiserDestination
[LPS-3205] - Add a performance unit test for com.liferay.portal.kernel.messaging.IteratorDiserDestination
[LPS-4749] - Add a check protection for ClusterLinkUtil, so in the single node environment we can safely disable ClusterLink by default for quick launch.
[LPS-5335] - French translations
[LPS-5483] - Updated norwegian translation
[LPS-5965] - A temporary fix to make sure we only use one Quartz scheduler
[LPS-5968] - Enhanced recovery process
[LPS-6036] - Provided: calendard export / fixing Outlook issue
[LPS-6649] - Add unsync io classes set for better performance.
[LPS-6680] - If you click public pages, you will get an error message.
[LPS-6807] - Brk out css.jsp into multiple files for sier customization
[LPS-7124] - Refactor XML parsing in portal
[LPS-7324] - Update to use Hibernate's Region based second level cache configuration.
[LPS-7834] - Update plugins repo themes from 5.2.3 to 6.0 trunk
[LPS-8057] - Web Content List (versioned items): all versions are listed, only the latest is displayed
[LPS-8754] - Hide folders in Gallery if user has no view permission
[LPS-8810] - UK English language file and icon
[LPS-8958] - ComboServlet should use FileUtil.getBytes() rather than FileUtil.rd() for performance
[LPS-9020] - Crte a locale fallback to same language in another country for the nav tabs
[LPS-9428] - Journal: Implement automatic versioning and optimistic locking
[LPS-9486] - Make packages targeting x64 platform.
[LPS-9665] - Improve ant setup-eclipse cmd for plugins
[LPS-10137] - Annotation driven architecture for buffering counters
[LPS-10718] - LDAP Import of groups causes massive slowdown on login
[LPS-10864] - Server Admin mail configuration not hidden
[LPS-10905] - Improvements to Spanish Language
[LPS-11129] - Improvements to Pt_BR translation
[LPS-11207] - when dragging egories to vocabularies, it should appr as a green plus not red 'x'
[LPS-11227] - Not using the layoutId to map layout when importing/exporting
[LPS-11241] - The plugins environment builder should add the java nature to .project files only if the plugin contains the WEB-INF/src folder
[LPS-11253] - Support for translating the labels of web form portlet
[LPS-11254] - Improvement to German Language
[LPS-11319] - Liferay.Layout using Drag Delegation for performance and memory optimizations
[LPS-11425] - Removed from default RSS feeds
[LPS-11459] - Entering an export file name other than ICS erates exceptions
[LPS-11517] - Add support in DigesterUtil for returning hex values
[LPS-11518] - Add unquote utility in StringUtil
[LPS-11524] - Add ability to send Audit Messages in journal templates
[LPS-11529] - Move SevenCogs Hook to an Upgrade Process
[LPS-11564] - Improvement to Japanese Language
[LPS-11575] - Abstracting duplie taglib javascript into cachble file
[LPS-11604] - PortletURLImpl getReservedParameterMap should return an unmodifiable map
[LPS-11608] - Mail Errors not reported in the logs
[LPS-11640] - CLONE -DUTCH (Nederlands) LANGUAGE FILES 6.x
[LPS-11645] - PermissionLocalServiceImpl.hasRolePermission(long, long, String, int, String) is using too many queries
[LPS-11647] - Don't crte a new Editable widget for every portlet title
[LPS-11660] - Depree Portalinitable in favor PortalLifecycle to properly control the order of init / destroy of plugins
[LPS-11700] - ConvertProcess for Gallery
[LPS-11714] - The button to expire web content articles should appr disabled if the article is not approved
[LPS-11727] - Include companyId in JournalArticleDisplay to help with debugging
[LPS-11744] - Adding util method to Localization
[LPS-11749] - Add ability to export userGroups to LDAP
[LPS-11768] - Upgrade to Glassfish 3.0.1
[LPS-11785] - Add a MapBackedSet to convert any Map into a Set
[LPS-11809] - Using LocalizationUtil methods
[LPS-11815] - Add moving file version support for Document Library JCR Hook
[LPS-11831] - When adding hyperlink to selected text in messageboard and using title, the title replaces the selected text
[LPS-11839] - Add more fields and method to ClusterGroup
[LPS-11862] - Enhance CompeteLatch with timeout wait and interruptibility
[LPS-11867] - Use an effective way to do method invoking
[LPS-11890] - Recaptcha Configuration in Control Panel
[LPS-11939] - No longer need native2ascii step in build-lang
[LPS-11951] - Allow disable localization for non-structured articles
[LPS-11973] - CutomSQL replacewords is not smart enough to take in long[]
[LPS-11976] - Cln thrdlocal when undeploying portal to avoid potential thrdlocal ing
[LPS-11993] - Change plugins to have unique projects name
[LPS-11999] - Use DD Delegation on Liferay Navigation for performance improvements
[LPS-12000] - Remove unnecessary type variable from testing
[LPS-12007] - Add ability to cln up orphan JDK Timers
[LPS-12024] - Cln up JAAS
[LPS-12025] - Make InstanceFactory more convenient for constructors
[LPS-12030] - Move ShardUtil to kernel
[LPS-12040] - Only test upgrades from latest CE editions
[LPS-12047] - Delay Widget crtion/rendering until requested for community pages
[LPS-12409] - Ability to crte localized web pages

New Fture
[LPS-1413] - Translation to Europn Portuguese (pt_PT)
[LPS-4477] - Add a new ScriptingProxy
[LPS-5368] - Execute the associated workflow definition when performing an action for all of Liferay's core entities
[LPS-7279] - Make build-WSDD avaliable in Plugins SDK
[LPS-11732] - Asset tag selector should add tags when comma is pressed
[LPS-11877] - Add friendly URL routes sorting aorithm to SourceFormatter

Regression Bug
[LPS-8980] - CyrusUser and CyrusVirtual do not have a DB session
[LPS-9147] - WebDAV unable to map network drive
[LPS-10208] - Virtual Hosts can't be set for Community
[LPS-11204] - Comments and ratings are not being exported
[LPS-11216] - Allowed to dctivate staging while staged
[LPS-11219] - Srch Index does not update when content is edited
[LPS-11450] - Flagging a blog post results in no action
[LPS-11515] - navigation.ftl has velocity markup
[LPS-11548] - Attempting to crte a new portal instance causes exceptions
[LPS-11629] - Cannot setup Local Live staging for Organizations
[LPS-11638] - Error instantiating portlet after registering portlet filter
[LPS-11642] - infinite loop when i log on via ldap
[LPS-11683] - Blogs Comment Voting doesnt change when its clicked
[LPS-11703] - Unable to login via ldap - PointerException occurs
[LPS-11715] - When publishing web content updates in staging, sometimes the article gets lost from the live page
[LPS-11729] - Cannot Publish Wiki article in Control Panel
[LPS-11750] - Unable to add new bookmarks and bookmarks folder in control panel
[LPS-11751] - Unable to add new egory to message boards in the control panel
[LPS-11753] - Unable to add new tags in the control panel
[LPS-11756] - Unable to add new vocabulary and egories in the control panel
[LPS-11774] - Unable to add new poll in the control panel
[LPS-11775] - Unable to add new folder to the document library in the control panel
[LPS-11776] - Unable to add new folder to the gallery in the control panel
[LPS-11792] - Error upon enabling staging
[LPS-11794] - Mail Portlet Fails to connect to mail server
[LPS-11800] - Guest User Cannot Rate Portlets
[LPS-11814] - Cannot Delete Message Board egory
[LPS-11893] - Login porltet does not show up when clicking on the login link
[LPS-11906] - Flash Portlet is
[LPS-11913] - Update portlet on producer(remove portlet from current portlet ar) then do update service on consumer, it will throw java.lang.PointerException
[LPS-11959] - In the summary portlet of WOL, the "# Forum Posts" does not appr

[LPS-2629] - Split WOL into SN and SD
[LPS-5061] - Selenium Tests: Add Negative Tests for the Various User / Organization / Settings tabs.
[LPS-5340] - Selenium Test Scripts: Message Board Email Subscription Reply Testing
[LPS-8827] - Add Javadoc to our services and other parts of our public API
[LPS-9417] - Enable Liferay artifacts as Maven artifacts
[LPS-10919] - Site Map Configuration
[LPS-11460] - Brisk Theme
[LPS-11512] - Provide more info about the problems of using the instance specific file
[LPS-11533] - Rollback - Photography Theme
[LPS-11581] - CLONE -Minimize DOM lookups
[LPS-11824] - Modularize DB Upgrade ant test scripts.
[LPS-11828] - Rollback - Audastic Theme
[LPS-15105] - Selenium: All authentied users can access Message Boards banned users list

[LPS-5369] - Execute the associated workflow definition when performing an action for Blogs Entries
[LPS-5922] - Move the Organization/Community selector in the Control Panel to the left menu
[LPS-7557] - Visual formatting
[LPS-7634] - BI Personalization Engine: Rule Driven Personalization
[LPS-7644] - Web Content/Journal
[LPS-8527] - Clnup Kaleo data for a deleted company
[LPS-9536] - The new web content structure editor auto-erates field
[LPS-10243] - Control Panel Community Selector - Use Widget HTML_PARSER API in order to have a better rendering performance
[LPS-10280] - i18n issues with the authoring UI for Web Content
[LPS-10304] - WebContent encoding with structured article
[LPS-10364] - Crte any missing role specified in the workflow definition (jbpm-web)
[LPS-10695] - Document Library: The action to move a document should not be within the form to edit the document to avoid firing a workflow process as if the document has been edited
[LPS-11023] - fix log check
[LPS-11304] - 6.0 - LP - Alerts
[LPS-11305] - 6.0 - LP - Announcements
[LPS-11306] - 6.0 - LP - Blogs and Page Scope
[LPS-11308] - 6.0 - LP - Blogs
[LPS-11309] - 6.0 - LP - Bookmarks
[LPS-11310] - 6.0 - LP - Calendar and Page Scope
[LPS-11311] - 6.0 - LP - Calendar
[LPS-11312] - 6.0 - LP - Document Library and Page Scope
[LPS-11313] - 6.0 - LP - Document Library
[LPS-11314] - 6.0 - LP - Gallery and Scope
[LPS-11323] - 6.0 - LP - Nested Portlets
[LPS-11324] - 6.0 - LP - Polls
[LPS-11325] - 6.0 - LP - Srch
[LPS-11525] - Better support for views
[LPS-11602] - 6.0 - LP - WSRP Plugin
[LPS-11759] - WSRP fails to display IFrame
[LPS-11760] - WSRP fails to display Quick Note
[LPS-11761] - WSRP fails to display Web Proxy
[LPS-11762] - WSRP fails to display XSL Content
[LPS-11763] - WSRP fails to display RSS

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