Friday, May 27, 2016

Download MLDon 3.0.7

MLDon is a free, open source, multi-protocol, peer-to-peer file sharing appliion that runs as a back-end server appliion on many platforms.

It can be controlled through a user interface provided by one of many separate front-ends, including a Web interface, telnet interface and over a dozen native client programs.

Homepage: mldon.sourceforge
Type: File Sharing, File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
: GNU eral Public (GPL)
Written in: C, OCaml (Objective Caml)
Operating system: Cross-platform
Languages: English
Size(): 2.4 MB
Download: , MirrorSupport: Click Here
Bugs fix's in this version:2011/01/06
6012: Fix bug in Http_client.wget_string (ygrek)

7418: Ignore setsockopt_float exception while sending mail

7303: UPNP: added BT_tracker-port
7418: SMTP auth implementation (ygrek)
- new options smtp_login and smtp_
- added socket timeout for mail server communiion, fix bug #22713
7412: tar.gzip: fix harmless error message (ygrek)
7388: DC: fix sharing on (ygrek)

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