Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Nmap 5.5.1

Nmap (Network Mapper) is an open source security scanner written by Gordon Lyon (a.k.a Fyodor Vaskovich) lets you discover hosts and services on a computer network.

Nmap send packets at some predefined constant rate, nmap accounts for the network conditions (latency fluctuations, network congestion, the target interference with the scan) during the run. Nmap determine operating system of the target, names and versions of the listening services, estimate uptime, the type of device, presence of the firewall.

Homepage: Nmap
Type: Computer security, Network management
: GNU eral Public
Written in: C, C++, Python, Lua
Operating system: Cross-Platform
Languages: English
Size: 18.99 MB
Download: , Mirror | Linux i386 Nmap RPM, Mirror | Linux x86-64(64-bit only), Mirror | Mac OSX, Mirror | Donate to software: Click Here
Bugs fix's in this version:- [Ndiff] Added support for prerule and postrule scripts.
- [NSE] Fixed a bug which caused some NSE scripts to fail due to the absence of the NSE SCRIPT_NAME environment variable when loaded. Michael Pattrick reported the problem.
- [Zenmap] Selecting one of the scan targets in the left pane is supposed to jump to that host in the Nmap Output in the right pane (but it wasn't).
- Fixed an obscure bug in interface matching. If the MAC address of an interface couldn't be retrieved, it might have been used instd of the correct interface.
- [NSE] Fixed portrules in dns-zone-transfer and ftp-proftpd-backdoor that used shortport functions incorrectly and always returned true.
- [Ndiff] Fixed ndiff.dtd to include two elements that can be diffed: status and address.
- [Ndiff] Fixed the ordering of hostscript-related elements in XML output.
- [NSE] Fixed a bug in the nrpe-enum script that would make it run for every port (when it was selected--it isn't by default).
- [NSE] When an NSE script sets a negative socket timeout, it now causes a controlled Lua stack trace instd of a fatal error.
- [Zenmap] Worked around an error that caused the py2app bootstrap executable to be non-universal even when the rest of the appliion was universal. This prevented the binary .dmg from working on PowerPC.
- [Ndiff] Fixed an output line that wasn't being redirected to a file when all other output was.

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