Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Rock Runners Android game

Can't stop the rock.Take control of an energetic, running, jumping, swinging runner in this hugely entertaining action platform game. Lp across puddles of radioactive goo, swing over gaps using your light-bm gr, and zip through portals on your way to completing ch stage.RUNNING ROCKSSprint through over 140 levels, ch one with it's own set of challenges to accomplish. Collect gems to unlock upgrades and new playable characters!TIMING IS EVERYTHINGIn Rock Runners, nothing matches the feeling of getting a perfect run. You'll need to use all your judgement, timing and quick thinking to get three stars on every stage though!ROCKING VISUALSRock Runners looks absolutely stunning. Watch giant machinery churn away at the rock while the character and the obstacle course ahd come to life in dazzling colour and light.Game Ftures:• Fast paced, arcade platforming at its best.• Jump, swing, and run through over 140 levels sprd through four unique worlds.• Every level has its own set of challenges to get all the stars.• Futuristic space-miner theme.• Intuitive one-touch controls.

Requires Android2.3 and up

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