Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Safe 3.25

Safe is a free and open source software program for storing s in . Safe allows you to manage your old s and to sily and quickly erate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new s, using policies that you control. Once stored, your user names and s are just a few clicks away.

Using Safe you can organize your s using your own customizable references. You can choose to store all your s in a single encrypted master list (an encrypted database), or use multiple databases to further organize your s.

Homepage: safe.sourceforge
Type: Cryptography, manager
: Artistic 2.0
Written in: C++
Operating system:
Languages: Multi
Size(): 9.2 MB
Download: , MirrorSupport: Click Here
Bugs fix's in this version:March 2011

This note describe the new ftures, fixed bugs and known problems
with the latest versions of Safe. For a short description of
Safe, plse see the accompanying RDME.txt file. For more
information on the product and the project, plse visit Details about changes to older
relses may be found in the file ChangeLog.txt.

New Ftures for 3.25
[] Dutch installation instructions thank to Kees, and a first
(incomplete) Dutch translation of the appliion thank to Bert, Kees
and Fred.
[] Korn texts in the appliion and installer program thanks to
[] Poserpro has provided Traditional Chinese texts for the installer
[] New View menu option: Show entries with Expiry. This is useful for
displaying entries with s that are expired or about to expire.

Changes to Existing Ftures in 3.25
[3171962] The expiration warning mechanism now checks for
expiration daily. The display of expired and almost-expired entries
has been redesigned, allowing users to update the entry directly. When
an expired is changed, the expiry date will be clred unless
there is a recurring expiry interval, in which case a new
expiry date will be calculated.
[3131945] Double-clicking on the system tray icon when Safe is
not minimized now brings it to front, instd of minimizing.
[3131935] Rename of an entry or group in the Tree View can now only be
performed via the Rename shortcut (default value F2), using the Edit
menu or the right-click context menu. Edit in place by double clicking
the entry is no longer allowed as, most of the time, this was not the
desired action.
[] Filtered views are now updated when an entry's edited, e.g., if an
entry is edited such that it no longer satisfies the filter's
criteria, it will be removed from the display.
[] The Russian online help has been totally rewritten and updated,
thanks to pm_kan.
[] pm_kan has updated the Russian texts.
[] The Spanish texts have been updated thanks to Jose.
[] Karlo has updated the German texts.
[] Francois has updated the French texts.
[] Bjorne has updated the Swedish version.
[] freedoctor has updated the Chinese texts.

Bugs fixed in 3.25
[3194472] Fix new group crtion loion. When a Group is selected, then
selecting 'Add Group' from the Edit menu or from the context menu
displayed by right clicking on that Group, the new group will be a
child of the selected group. However, when using the context menu
displayed on right clicking on 'white space' below the last
entry/group displayed, the group will be crted at the topmost
[3165889] No longer crashes if srch starts with Shift-Enter (srch
[3148701] installer will now refuse to install on Win2K,
referring user to last supported version on that OS (3.18).
[3115760] Window view is now saved and restored if the user uses the
"Show Desktop" fture.
[] No longer crashes when doing an Undo after a Merge.
[] Ensure Undo/Redo honour the changes to the display of the original change.

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