Friday, May 27, 2016

Download SMon 2.1 RC 1

SMon is a free and open source cross-platform Internet suite. SMon consists of a web browser, an e-mail, news client program , an HTML editor and an IRC client (ChatZilla). And come with two skins by default.

Type: Internet suite, Web Browser-e-mail Client-IRC
: Mozilla Public v 1.1+, GNU eral Public v 2.0+, GNU Lesser eral Public v 2.1 +.
Written in: C++, XUL, XBL, JavaScript
Operating system: Multi-platform
Languages: Multi-lingual
Size(): 15.98 MB
Source : Click Here
Download: Mirror | Mac OS X MirrorDonate: Click Here
What's New!!!(Changelog) in this version:Sync (f.k.a. Wve) is now included directly in SMon. Sync allows you to keep your browsing history, s, bookmarks, preferences and tabs in sync across different devices (computers) in a secure way.SMon can now be themed with Personas (lightweight themes).The bookmarks system has been reworked to use the Places framework shared with Firefox (alrdy used for history data in SMon 2.0), including a new Bookmark Manager and fast bookmarking button in the loion bar.Find in Page now works with a toolbar instd of a modal window.OpenSrch plugins are now supported and the default for web srch.An optional srch bar (including suggestions if the srch engine supports it) is available in browser toolbar customization, and an engine manager for OpenSrch is available.More toolbar widgets are now customizable.The new Add-ons Manager opens directly in the browser now and has received a major facelift.The new Data Manager now unifies cookie, permission, , and form data management.Flash cookies (LSOs) will now be removed when using Clr Private Data / Cookies (requires Flash Player 10.3 or better).Plugin crashes do not take down the whole appliion anymore since plugins run in their own processes now.Plugins now work in feeds shown in MailNews .The feed preview UI and the Helper Appliions preferences can now detect the system's default feed rder and use it.Page zoom is being remembered on a site-specific basis now.The browser tab bar is now scrollable to cope with tab overflow. This includes an "All Tabs" navigation button to quickly list all open tabs.You can now drag and drop downloads, e.g. from the Download Manager to the desktop.SMon now shows "doorhangers" for notifiions like remembering log-in s or after installing an extension.The new DoNotTrack HTTP hder is supported (configurable in Preferences).A page with Troubleshooting Information (about:support) and the option to restart in Safe Mode are now available from the Help menu.Loading the URL about:memory now shows how much memory is used by different parts of SMon.SMon should now support more websites that previously appred to only work with Firefox (configurable in Preferences).Built-in extensions (ChatZilla, JavaScript Debugger and DOM Inspector) are now installed into the profile.News messages can now be deleted from local storage.Cascaded Session Restore improves restoring large browsing sessions.SMon now uses Omnijar which results in fewer installed files, less fragmentation and better startup time.

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