Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Vuze

Vuze (Azureus) is a Bit(P2P) client, transfer and share files via the Bit protocol. Written in Java, based on the Azureus Engine. Vuze allows users to view, publish and share original and HD quality content.

Some excellent ftures:
Ability to share between friends and receive "friend boosts."Chatting between friends.Publishing content.Exporting media directly to external devices.
Homepage: Vuze | Azureus.sourceforge
Type: Bit client
: Modified GNU eral Public (core) Proprietary (platform)(Open Source)
Written in: Java
Operating system: 's , Mac OSX, Linux
Languages: 52
Size: 8.15 MB
Download Vuze for , Mirror | for Linux, Mirror | for Linux AMD(64), Mirror | for MAC OSX, MirrorDonate to software: Click Here
Bugs fix's in this version:# New Ftures:

* Core | Reloe MOOV atoms to front of mp4 files for strming
* Core | Allow specifiion of IP address restriction for device content availability
* Core | Grab <> entities from RSS feed if present
* Plug | Rate limit download speeds when play-now active to avoid contention
* UI | Add 'Play Now' column for strming

# Changes:

* UI | Added visual indiion to first level menu for auto-device x selection
* UI | Support drag-n-drop onto classic share view

# Corrected bugs:

* Core | Fix rare case where at top of queue doesn't start & one later in the queue continues to download
* Core | Fix case where certain non-ASCII chars were causing metasrch config bloat
* Core | Fix incorrect handling of reload of upnpav plugin resulting in x disappring until restart
* Plug | Restore AV 'scanning' spinner icon
* UI | Fix missing columns in "New" view
* UI | Fix drag indior when prioritizing in Library
* UI | Fix case where certain non-ASCII egories were causing azureus.config to bloat
* UI | Fix cases where Web Srch wasn't opening results in external browser
* UI | Fix incorrect toolbar selection when in files view
* UI | Fix incorrect handing of devices set to 'never trans'

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