Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Wurfl 2.0.29

WURFL stands for Wireless Universal Resource FiLe, is a free, open source file which contains information regarding wireless devices' configurations, capabilities and ftures. Wurfl file collect information from all the existing wireless devices that access WAP pages. It is part of a FOSS (which stands for Free and Open Source Software) community effort focused on the problem of presenting content on the wide variety of wireless devices.

WURFL is updated frequently reflecting new wireless devices coming on the market.

Homepage: wurfl.sourceforge
Type: Dynamic Content, Mobile, WAP
: Free and Open Source Software
Written in: ASP, Java, P, Perl, Ruby, Standard ML
Operating system: OS Independent
Languages: English
Size(): 0.9 MB
Download: , MirrorSupport: Click Here
Bugs fix's in this version:

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