Friday, May 27, 2016

FileZilla 3.4.0 Beta 1

FileZilla Client is a free, open source, and reliable cross-platform FTPS and SFTP client with many useful ftures and an sy to use graphical user interface.

Homepage: FileZilla
Type: FTP client
: Open Source(GNU eral Public Version 2)
Written in: C++, wxWidgets
Operating system: , Mac OS X, Linux
Languages: Multi
Size: 4.07 MB
Download: FileZilla 3.4.0 Beta 1 For PC||FileZilla 3.4.0 Beta 1 For Linux(i586)|FileZilla 3.4.0 Beta 1 For Linux(x86)|FileZilla 3.4.0 Beta 1 For Mac OSX(i686)|FileZilla 3.4.0 Beta 1 For Mac OSX(PowerPC G4)Donate to software: Click me
Bugs fix's in this version:
# New ftures:

* Normal FTP connections now always attempt to negotiate secure FTP over TLS
* Added option to force use of insecure plain FTP to Site Manager
* Kiosk mode option can now also be rd from FileZilla.xml, with fzdefaults.xml having priority if setting exists in both files

# Bugfixes and minor changes:

* Fix memory in directory cache
* Compatibility with obscure DOS servers using forward slashes as path delimiter
* MSW: Horizontal scroll bar in file lists and queue did not appr if changing column widths
* Improve text wrapping engine

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