Friday, May 27, 2016

How to make Money By Blogging 2014

Blogging is not only the only way to share but also the source to rn. If you are new to blogging, and rning from blogging then this guide will help you to study the basic principles of advertising and making money by blogging. Take your favorite coffee or any other beverage in your hand, And enjoy the Post ! There are abundant ways to rn money by blogging two of the main methods are ADnetworks and Direct Space selling. Let’s start with the 1st, ADnetworks. There are different types of adnetworks and Ads. the most popular is PPC,CPC,CPA,CPM,Popunder,Intext Banner ads etc. PPC(CPC) Pay-per-click or Cost-per-action are the ads in which a user clicks a demared ad and the cost per click is given to you. For ex if a offer of a explicit offer is 0.04$ then you will rn the click x Price if you get 1000 click then 1000x0.04=40 mns you will rn 40$.
The CPA ad Cost-Per-Action ads are bit different unlike the CPC ads CPA ads erally are like a email signup or the prices may diverge from one another. The CPM ads Cost-per-mile ad are the ads in which you will erate the income when the ads are successfully shown 1000 times. For ex 1000 impressions = 1$ or 2$ you will need massive traffic to bring lavish rnings.
Popunder is also a decent way, but only when your rders don’t get exasperated by Popup ads. Popup ads are basically the ads which popup after a certain interval, The pricing of Popup ad may differ from network to network. For ex if you accept 0.001 for a popup then your rning may be between 1$ to 2$ per 1000 popunders.
Intext ads are the ads in which the user sees a relevant ad to the word clicked or hovered for EX if you hover over a word FOOTBALL then you may see the football kit ads or similar ads related to the word. Banner ads are also similar to the CPM ads, 1000 impressions may give you 2$ 3$. Now let’s give a shot to Direct Advertising, What is Direct Advertising? Direct advertising is Space selling on your blog. For EX If you have a hefty space on your sidebar you can put it up for a sale, Like the popular size 125x125 px and many other sizes as well. You are the boss here the prices that you want, But don’t make them unrlistic like For EX if you have 1000-6000 impressions per month and you put gigantic price of 50$ or 60$ no one will gaze it. Make your pricing Rlistic like 20$ to 30$. Many ADnetworks also do this for you but take their share. The giant shark of this sector is it has rich quality ads and Top notch Advertisers which pay a decent price. But it has some drawbacks too, It accepts publishers who have 500000 unique visitors per month. Anyways ADnetwork or Direct advertising both are appropriate in their own fields. IF you liked this article Plse share it with your friends too. If you have any queries or Suggestions about anything, I will be plsed to hr it from you.

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