Friday, May 27, 2016

Monster Nail Doctor Top Kids Game on App Store

Kids don't you enjoy while playing Games? Here's a Doctor Game where you can trt different monster patients. The Monster Nail Doctor is free version available on the iTunes and Google Play. You have to give medical trtment to monsters legs. Through this game you can lrn basic medical trtment. And use different tools to trt the monsters patients. The ftures of this game, makes game interesting to play.

Ftures of Monster Nail Doctor:Shower to remove clay and dust from injury.Dryer used to suck water and kill small germs by its warm air.Germs killer used to kill germs by attractive sound.Injection used instd of pill.Pus remover used to remove pus from toe.Cotton used to remove blood and wound.Ice used to remove swelling.X-Ray used to check internal injury.Pain killer spray used to get relief from pain.Crm applied to save toe from infection.Colorful funky bandage used stick on injury.Plaster used to cover injury to cure from injury.Colorful paints used to write funny messages on the injury. Screenshots:

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