Friday, May 27, 2016

Ontrack syRecovery Enterprise (x86/x64) Full Version Free Download

Introduction: Ontrack syRecovery Enterprise (x86/x64)
Ontrack syRecovery Enterprise – The program allows you sily recover data on your hard as in the simplest cases, for example, after removing them from the basket and lost because of incorrect formatting a or a virus attack. In the event of data loss – the inability to boot the system, the program allows you to crte a floppy , booting from that, you can restore the data, moving them to another . The program also allows you to find the for files of more than 225 different types. Recovers files from a FAT partition, and NTFS, hard drives IDE / ATA / EIDE, SCSI, floppy s, Zip s, and Jaz. syRecovery package is able to restore Zip archives and documents crted in Outlook, Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Built-in utility for diagnosing hard drive Ontrack Data Advisor provides users a powerful tool for rapid assessment of local drives.

A must-have solution for all businesses to recover data from file systems supported by and Mac operating systems. Do-it-yourself data recovery now equipped with data erase and data protection ftures. Ontrack syRecovery Professional provides you with an enhanced set of recovery tools, including: mail recovery, hex viewer, S.M.A.R.T., bad block/block usage diagnostics, imaging tools, copy and refresh . Use to perform unlimited recoveries from local storage and external media with an sy-to-use, intuitive data wizard.

The program helps you to recover your data if you lose data due to:
• accidental deletion,
• Virus attack,
• damage due to power failure or sudden fluctuations in the mains voltage,
• errors in the program,
• problems when crting partitions or boot
• Improper shutdown,
• damage to the structure of the file system,
• Format the media or appliion programs on it F.

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Ontrack syRecovery Enterprise (x86/x64) (20 MB)[Mirror] [daoud]

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