Friday, May 27, 2016

Top Rsons For NOT Playing 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer !

Let’s start with the first thing Do you play 8 ball pool multiplayer?Yes for how much time?Hours and hours is the answer But what makes this game so addictive?The visual and the mechanical system makes this game apart from other online games but this is not only thing there are thousands and thousands of players who play 8 ball pool daily so you will not be alone to play this once I was also addicted to it, But the concept remains same do we get something from it ? NO it will not make us the rl pool pro in rl life so a Waste of Time and money, the biggest thing to loose in this world is time Remember You can Make Money by using Time but you cannot make time by using Money. 8 ball pool is a kind of game like you will stick with it for hours and hours you will either play in tournaments or play 1 V/s 1 no matter what you play but you will waste your Time and will not lrn anything productive. Money? You are pondering, yes it is money, thousands of players around the globe spend their money on buying chips and credits Virtual pool coins etc. are also a craze.50000 Pool Coin RewardHa-ha but I don’t spend money on them! Is your Answer well, you may not but don’t but you try to the cues, coins, and the Latest thing of all is the POOL CASH, Yes pool cash allows you to buy the cues, spins, power ups, and many other things, And to buy that virtual cash you have to spend rl money on it by payment through credit card or any other medium, Waste of money!Now what? I don’t spend money on thecredits either! Is your answer ok now what? It will turn you into a Spammer How? You will try to the store of 8 ball pool to cues you will srch the on internet to coins you will srch the Coin s and to tables cloths designs you will the store. But does the coin s Rlly Work? NO! Is the straight forward answer from me well you might have watched tons of YouTube s for ! But they make you Fool of everything! Such Coin may have an RAR Archive which has a or a , well no one likes to do the s, and the uploader makes money on you valid clicks of yours and rn Bucks!8 ball Pool ProgramA 1v1 Match in 8 Ball pool MultiplayerNow everything covered up what remains? The evil daily spin! Yes, this is the main wpon of the miniclip to make their players to stick to their screens everyday! I had gone mad everyday due to this thing in 8 ball pool, if you are a vintage player so you may know the 125 pool coin bonus everyday but it is now replaced The New System Of Scratch & Winby the Spins which is more addictive, The 25 pool coins per 30 minutes is also a way The Normal Reward Of 100 Pool Coinsto glue your players. So in this way you pool coin bank will not be depleted and you will have The 8 Ball Pool Storesomething always to paly Let’s Get back on Spins how much you have won the highest well I had won some 7500 pool coins and 20x powerups few times in the past but the big 50000 coin prize is the point where players stick their eyes on it but never get it, It is the trick of miniclip, once I had won the 50000 pool coin prize but not got it, It showed You have been disconnect from miniclip then I got incensed on this matter and Shot it on official 8 ball pool twitter account they told to contact this and that from then I decided not to play 8 ball pool anymore in my life. Miniclip make money from your time and you waste your time for playing a so called rl pool game. The Facebook is also the way to grow their players around the globe. The s are also a nuisance in the game suppose you have gathered 10000 coins by competing in tournaments. The play 1v1 because they simply and don’t play the game and you go like WTF? Was that I was disconnected from Miniclip but my internet is still working! So if you had rd the whole post, just quit playing 8 ball pool and do something more crtive than Playing this Junky Game.You've Lost Connection Error

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