Friday, May 27, 2016


Vuze (Azureus) is a Bit(P2P) client, transfer and share files via the Bit protocol. Written in Java, based on the Azureus Engine. Vuze allows users to view, publish and share original and HD quality content.

Some excellent ftures:
Ability to share between friends and receive "friend boosts."Chatting between friends.Publishing content.Exporting media directly to external devices.
Homepage: Vuze | Azureus.sourceforge
Type: Bit client
: Modified GNU eral Public (core) Proprietary (platform)(Open Source)
Written in: Java
Operating system: 's , Mac OSX, Linux
Languages: 52
Size: 8.68 MB
Download Vuze for , Mirror | for Linux, Mirror | for Linux AMD(64), Mirror | for MAC OSX, MirrorDonate to software: Click Here
Bugs fix's in this version:
# New Ftures:

* Core | UDP NAT Test tool [Parg]
* Core | Added device export/import fture [Parg]
* Plug | uTP support [Parg]
* Plug | Strming playback
* Plug | Added simple HTML view and explicit download option to device RSS feed
* UI | Add menu link from sidebar entries to plugin options where applicable
* UI | Option for what happens when pressing delete or tb delete in My /Library
* UI | Allow dropping URLs onto sidebar (to add )

# Changes:

* Core | Prevent UDP scrape probes and DHT fallback scrape values from overriding more relevant values
* Core | Added some more client type peer-id de
* Core | Ensure piece picker file priorities take precedence over first/last piece
* Core | Don't auto-x low noise
* Core | Propagate cookies across http->https redirects
* Core | Various minor startup twks to incrse startup performance
* Plug | Bump up the DHT minimum supported version
* Plug | Added option to force delayed restart on install
* UI | Rate limit various update operations to improve performance
* UI | Make tracker update button scrape that are stopped
* UI | Wire up play button to xd content
* UI | Sidebar redesign
* UI | egories can now be shown in sidebar
* UI | Filter text in Config view now gets highlighted

# Corrected bugs:

* Core | Fix poor perf with large peer connection count
* Core | Pickup changes in trans file egories
* Core | Disable outbound UDP data connections if proxy set
* Core | Fix rding some rare . files with only UTF-8
* Core | Fix bug when loading multiple . files at once when they have the same URL filename
* Plug | Fixup names displayed during plugin load/init
* UI | Prevent sources from being added multiple times

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